Every Bit Counts

At Vector we enjoy assisting the community we try to do our bit no matter how small, every bit counts.

Some of the projects we are involved with are:

  • Movember
  • Distinguished gentlemen’s ride
  • Young Care
  • Surf Life Saving Old
  • QRL, youth
  • QRU, youth
  • Fight Duchene Foundation
  • GC Lads Lunch Fund Raiser
  • Gold Coast Touch Football


With growing demand on our plants resources the team at VECTOR Shade Structure’s and all of its suppliers are committed to doing all we can to reduce, reuse and recycle. Our steel fabricators recycle all off cuts and any rubbish from site i.e. from insurance works etc. All off cuts of PVC are collected and recycled using the TEXYLOOP system. We also recycle all old PVC canopies (where possible) when we are doing replacement projects

Certifications & Licences

  • QBCC
  • Building and Asset Services Qld
  • GCCC Supply and Installation of Shade Structures
  • CM3 OHS National Certification
  • Specialised Textile Association National Accredited Member


At VECTOR Shade Structure we undertake all works in an environmentally responsible manner. As a company we have a created an Environment Management Policy that is signed by the company director.

Our Environmental Objectives

VECTOR Shade Structures strives to ensure targets are met in the following categories

  • Site activities are well managed.
  • Adverse impacts on the environment are minimized.
  • No damage to the existing Flora or fauna
  • All environmental safeguards undertaken as part of the landscaping maintenance contract are carried out correctly.
  • The biodiversity of the site is conserved and/or enhanced.
  • All relevant legislation is complied with.
  • The project is monitored for environmental impact.
  • Site Audits in sensitive areas to be undertaken prior to any works.
  • Planning to minimize any unnecessary risks that could cause environmental damage.
  • Protect identified threatened or endangered species.
  • Not assist the spread weed or feral species.
  • To use resources to minimise waste and recycle or reuse waste by-products.
  • Not use Ozone depleting substances.
  • Not pollute the air, water, or soil.
  • Not produce excess noise.
  • Not allow the traffic of sediment off site.
  • Dispose of waste responsibly.
  • Recognise environmental incidents and report accordingly.
  • Mitigate damages resulting from environmental incidents.
  • Staff training in regards to environmental awareness and the impact of improper management programs and improper maintenance practices.
  • Use specialized company’s where possible to ensure fabrics/ steel is recycled to minimize impacts on the environment

Environmental issues may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Air Pollution.
  • Water Pollution
  • Natural Flora/ Fauna.
  • Endangered/Threatened Species.
  • Resource Usage/Conservation.
  • Waste Conservation and Recycling.
  • Chemicals and Hazardous substances.
  • Soil Erosion and Contamination.
  • Introduced Flora and Fauna.
  • Indigenous or Cultural Sites.

Clients are welcome to request a copy of our Policy.

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